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Lifestyle Enhancements

Physical Fitness Training   Customized Training Plans for You!


With our background in personal training, Harvey Family Health Care understands that fitness is not about how much weight you can lift or how far you can run.  It is about providing that last essential element of physical performance.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, be more fit, or just feel better, we educate you on the right balance of weight training, cardio, and core training to meet your goals.


All Harvey Family Health Care patients are encouraged to enhance their lifestyle by overcoming postural distortions, core weakness and muscle imbalances.  Patients are given specific exercises to strengthen their weak areas and ultimately create a strong core and well supported spine, reducing the frequency needed to visit the chiropractor.  Quality personal trainers are recommended to patients who can greatly benefit from intensive, one-on-one training.

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Nutritional Planning

Healthy Nutrition Made Easy!

Our nutritional philosophy is simple - food is fuel for performance.  As such, you want the purest fuel possible. This is why our nutritional plans are focused on whole foods, balanced eating habits and proper vitamins and mineral supplementation. Harvey Family Health Care utilizes only whole food supplements to enhance body function and balance out nutritional deficiencies.  Patients are educated about the ineffectiveness and potential for increased deficiency and toxicity of synthetic supplements.  


We only suggest products that we believe the patient actually needs to increase function. Our most commonly recommended products are from Standard Process, including their Catalyn product. Catalyn is a multiple vitamin and trace mineral concentrate.  This supplement uses whole food ingredients to provide a package of nutrients in the most potent form - its natural state. 


Standard Process offers organic, whole food derivative supplements. 

  For more information on Standard Process supplements, please visit their Web site:

We also employ Hair Analysis testing as a screening tool if there are concerns of a mineral deficiency, excess or heavy metals toxicity. 

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