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What to Expect

Customized and Thorough Care Without the Rush!

Each patient at Harvey Family Health Care is prescribed specific therapies most appropriate for their condition. 

With a variety of focused therapies, you will find relief faster and have better long-term outcomes. 

By correcting the cause of your condition along with contributing factors, you are less likely to have your problem reoccur. 

Initial Exams & Second Visits


The first two appointments at Harvey Family Health Care

run an hour or more.  We truly take the time to listen to our patients! 


During the first exam, we document a very thorough case history for each patient, which may take 30 minutes to complete. We try to put all the pieces of the health puzzle together in respect to neurology, organ function, mental

health, exposure to physical, chemical and emotional stressors.  We also thoroughly evaluate exercise, diet,

sleep patterns and many other additional factors.


Each patient is given a detailed explanation on the doctors findings and a suggested treatment plan that is appropriate for that person. 

Subsequent Visits


Following the first two appointments with us, patient treatment times run 20-30 minutes in lieu of the standard 5 minutes with most of the industry.


We work on the entire body on every visit - feet, knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and everything from the sacrum through the cranial bones.


The emphasis of education separates us from other chiropractors.  Our patients really learn about correcting organ dysfunctions, nerve interference and muscle imbalances.

    What makes Harvey Family Chiropractic Different?


  Less is More - We’re able to minimize the number of visits with the thoroughness of our care. Less visits to the chiropractor is a major theme as patients are educated how to maintain and improve their bodies.


  Faster Results - We put 100% effort into getting people on the road to wellness in as little time as possible.  One of Harvey Family Health Care's primary goals is to get patients into maintenance care within a two-month period of time. This means that the average patient usually gets to a point where they can then hold an adjustment 2-4 weeks because we have trained them in how to manage posture and overcome the muscle imbalances that cause the bulk of structural issues.  After 2 months with standard chiropractors, most patients still require treatment 2-3 times per week.


  Additional Options - We employ 8-10 different techniques at Harvey Family Health Care.  Our patients know we can always do an adjustment differently in respect to their comfort level. We also employ Thompson, Diversified, activator method, BEST technique and/or cranial sacral therapy for patients who are afraid of the ‘pop’ from manual techniques.

Remember, the benefits and changes from chiropractic are not always an overnight fix. 


At Harvey Family Health Care, we refer to it as climbing the mountain to optimal health, one step at a time.

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